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We provide the Space, Opportunity & Resources to assist INSPIRED INTUITIVES & CREATIVES in ELEVATING & EXPANDING their Practices, REIGNITE DISENCHANTED CREATORS & SPIRITUALISTS, and TRANSPORT LIGHTWORKERS to a Whole New Paradigm of Possibility



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About Me (Meet The SHOPPE OWNER)

Hey there!

I'm Shaleahia (sha-lia).

I’m a Dream Life Architect, Cosmic Seductress, Aesthetics Connoisseur, Multidisciplinary Designer, Dreamer, and Doer, Teacher, Healer of Healers, Serial Creator, Channeler, Writer, and all-around Renaissance Woman, amongst other things...

I create & curate tailor-made solutions, experiences, and elixirs for visionaries, hedonists, and healers who desire a dance with the divine and a sip of the sublime 🩰⛲.


I'm always looking forward to Lia's events!

She has this magical way of blending wellness & spiritual self-care that's both thought-provoking and tangible. I always feel like I've learned something new about myself & how to operate from a heart centered place. Lia has a very No BS way of delivering ideas that comes across in the sweetest, most lighthearted way which makes it easy to digest. I always feel able to be fully present in her rooms.

Morgan Blackman

Holistic Wealth Coach @ Holistic Bucks

Shaleahia is a genius!

After getting to know Shaleahia and quickly realising she’s an absolute force to be reckoned with… I had no doubt that I wanted her to share her magic and wisdom with the members in my conscious business owners community. Shaleahia delivered an incredible workshop, and it was truly spectacular  She managed to communicate and unpack the complexities of being an intuitive, creative and strategic business owner with such clarity! The techniques and frameworks that she taught us to approach conscious business with ease and flow were so beautifully demonstrated & always accompanied with a tangible action to implement. And for a visual person like me who needs things to be aesthetically pleasing to be engaged, her whole presentation was just stunning! We've had some wonderful feedback on the session since - thank you for the incredible value and life changing frameworks you shared with us - They are ones to live by! So appreciated! You're amazing. 

Cristel Smith Agüero

Brand Designer @ Bloom Sky Thinking + Community Builder @ The Constellation

When we approached Shaleahia to teach a workshop to our Community, we never imagined the flurry of aha moments she was going to bestow upon us

Shaleahia not only provided our community with a brand new framework for navigating terms and concepts that impact our daily lives as creators, but she also challenged our perceptions of how we each saw our unique approach to our sacred work. An acronym QUEEN, I felt that I was TRULY in the presence of a woman who has found her purpose and has harnessed her wisdom so accurately that her workshop wasn’t just playful and illuminating, but incredibly easy to digest. The feedback we received from our community was nothing short of spectacular and we’d be happy to have Shaleahia speak to our community ANY time!

Janelle Pearson

Community and Content Care Specialist @ Holisticism