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    We're Heavenbent on helping Creative Visionaries NAVIGATE & MASTER their INTERNAL & EXTERNAL LANDSCAPES so they can design, build & live their most aligned + elated lives


    The MISSION —— Awaken a billion women to their divinity

    SUBLIME SENSES is a dream-driven lifestyle design co. existing at the liminal space between fantasy & function

    We serve the greater good by helping creative visionaries transform their suffering into sovereignty through the art of seductive living - or curating a life that looks as good as it feels, from the inside out

    Our playground is designing transcendent concepts, experiences, and spaces that serve as containers for redefining, reimagining, and rebirthing our individual + collective experience of & relationship to self, life, environment, and each other

    We are masters & students of channelling the powers of spirituality, creativity, sexuality, and sensuality to provide simple, streamlined solutions for living passionately, wholeheartedly, and uncompromisingly

    Our mission is a new standard of beauty that appreciates, elevates, and celebrates innate divinity (rather than one that punishes, contorts, or conceals)

    In a world plagued by trends, assimilation, censorships, and a standardized society blind to beauty, we dare you to be your own muse

    We specialize in orchestrating elevated experiences for high vibe high achievers that are as intimate as they are elaborate, energetically harmonizing the worlds within & around them, and helping them to embrace, embody & express their most divine essence so they can experience becoming the girl of their own dreams

    We call it Atmospheric Alchemy ✨



    Morgan Blackman 👑

    Holistic Wealth Coach @ Holistic Bucks

    I'm always looking forward to Lia's events!

    She has this magical way of blending wellness & spiritual self-care that's both thought-provoking and tangible. I always feel like I've learned something new about myself & how to operate from a heart centered place. Lia has a very No BS way of delivering ideas that comes across in the sweetest, most lighthearted way which makes it easy to digest. I always feel able to be fully present in her rooms.



    I like how insightful and action based your chats are. They touch on problems then give me the guidance on how to deal with them with practical solutions for everyday life

    Joy Osula 👑


    ——— ABOUT ME


    🎵 My Personal Anthem: Be Alive, Beyoncé

    🎶 2022 Hit List: 👆🏽 +

    • Just Like Magic - Ariana Grande
    • Call Me Queen - Ndidi O
    • Confetti - Little Mix ft. Saweetie
    • Who I Am - LATASHÁ
    • I Like That - Janelle Monáe

    Life Path 6, Leo 🌞, Gemini/Taurus (Rohini) 🌚, Gemini ☄️, Chinese Zodiac Pig 🐷, 5H Libra NN, 2/4 Generator

    Fun Facts 🤹🏽‍♀️

    • Serial Entrepreneur (love this rodeo) from NYC that's brilliant at figuring out 10 ways to accomplish 1 goal & solve 3 problems
    • Secondborn/middle child (i.e. natural born Outlier - rulebreaker, risk taker, and path maker)
    • I’m both a HSP & HSS (playing in the realm of duality is the name of my game)
    • 27 y.o Millennial - Pluto in Scorpio Generation (shadow work connoisseur, master in the art of transformation)

    Hi! I’m Shaleahia 👋🏽 (Sha-Lia)

    I'm an idea doula, transformational experience curator, and atmospheric alchemist dedicated to helping women & creative visionaries alchemize their suffering into sovereignty & elevate their lives by embracing, embodying, & expressing their innermost divine essence so they can experience becoming the girl of their own dreams through the art of life design

    I’m also basically a big ass cat 🐆 with proud past lives in Sex Work, Makeup Artistry, Brand Strategy + Design, and Interior Styling

    Passing through depression, burnout, an identity crisis, and all around chaos on the way to following my dreams, I learned firsthand the impact of being in the right environment on a person's wellness, quality of life, and ability to self-actualize & transcend limits (aka thrive), and it's made me an even fiercer champion for intuitive badasses pursuing their passions, purpose, and pleasure in the face of adversity. I'm here to help you get & stay on top of your game and in your element, and I'm just getting started...

    My newest soapbox - I’m tired of hearing about Black Excellence 🥱 - society’s unsolicited definition & dictation of what makes us great in their eyes can never measure up to our true capacity to shine. I’m here to usher in a new era of Black Brilliance + Collective (all living folks) Genius by helping undervalued, underserved, underestimated & underrepresented radical women break free from the boxes that confine them and plant themselves firmly & audaciously on their thrones 👸🏽

    How, you may ask? By turning their..

    Pain → Power

    Obstacles → Opportunities

    Trials → Triumph

    Fears → Fierceness

    & Why?

    Well, like Nicki said, “I’m fighting for the girls that never thought they could win. Cus before they could begin you told them it was the end. But I am here to reverse the curse that they live in” - 🎼 “I’m The Best”


    Cristel Smith Agüero 👑

    Brand Designer + Community Builder @ The Constellation

    Shaleahia is a genius!

    After getting to know Shaleahia and quickly realising she’s an absolute force to be reckoned with… I had no doubt that I wanted her to share her magic and wisdom with the members in my conscious business owners community. Shaleahia delivered an incredible workshop, and it was truly spectacular  She managed to communicate and unpack the complexities of being an intuitive, creative and strategic business owner with such clarity! The techniques and frameworks that she taught us to approach conscious business with ease and flow were so beautifully demonstrated & always accompanied with a tangible action to implement. And for a visual person like me who needs things to be aesthetically pleasing to be engaged, her whole presentation was just stunning! We've had some wonderful feedback on the session since - thank you for the incredible value and life changing frameworks you shared with us - They are ones to live by! So appreciated! You're amazing.


    When we approached Shaleahia to teach a workshop to our Community, we never imagined the flurry of aha moments she was going to bestow upon us

    Shaleahia not only provided our community with a brand new framework for navigating terms and concepts that impact our daily lives as creators, but she also challenged our perceptions of how we each saw our unique approach to our sacred work. An acronym QUEEN, I felt that I was TRULY in the presence of a woman who has found her purpose and has harnessed her wisdom so accurately that her workshop wasn’t just playful and illuminating, but incredibly easy to digest. The feedback we received from our community was nothing short of spectacular and we’d be happy to have Shaleahia speak to our community ANY time!


    Janelle Pearson 👑

    Community and Content Care Specialist, Holisticism

    —— Proudly Presenting: SUBLIME BY DESIGN ✨ ——

    SUBLIME BY DESIGN is my signature, staple, and sole paid offering - meticulously designed to help creative visionaries align, actualize, and activate next level success, sovereignty, and satisfaction in life & work. It's like American Horror Story, but less scary - each “Season” of SBD uses the transformational vehicles of Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, and Aesthetics to feature a completely unique focus, design, and experiential concept, threading together the pillars of Work, Wellness, and Woo under the themes of self devotion, self mastery & self creation, sacred work, and divine play.


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